Coordinator - Lancaster and Morecambe College, Lancaster, UK

At Lancaster and Morecambe College, we believe in making sure that every single one of our students and members of staff feel not only safe and valued but also supported to realise their potential. With our success rates placing us firmly in the top 10% of colleges in the UK, we feel that the key to our success is a strong set of values which permeates all aspects of our college life. These are:


We will take personal responsibility, respecting each other and acting with honesty. We will seek always to do the right things in the right way.


We will set ourselves the highest standards and expectations for our personal behaviour and work. We will encourage excellence and success for ourselves and the people we work with.


We will make a difference to the communities we serve and make a positive difference to each other in our daily work and friendships.


We will welcome everyone to college and ensure that people can feel safe, make friends and work in a positive environment.


We will work and learn together encouraging each other to maximise our impact.

Partner - Help Direct, Lancaster - UK

Help Direct is a support and information service for all adults aged 18 and over across Lancashire. Our service is designed to help people get the right practical support, information and advice that they need before a small problem becomes a crisis. Help Direct provides free and local support and aims to be your first port of call to get the practical support, guidance and / or information you need to get the most out of life by working with a large number of organisations and community groups to provide and develop this support 

Partner - Kastamonu AB Valilik Proje ve Koordinasyon Merkezi

(Kastamonu EU Governorship Project and Coordination Centre) Kastamonu - Turkey

Our members work in many different sectors of the society to raise youth and adult movement-oriented community awareness & education, European community information, to support and to prepare national and international community education projects for all age groups. Our organization also has an active relationship with other government institutes, educational   organizations and deals with all regional establishments. 

Partner - Fundacja na rzecz integracji społecznej zawodowej oraz rozwoju przedsiębiorczości VIA

(VIA Foundation for the integration of professional, social and enterprise development) Białystok - Poland

The VIA Foundation for the integration of professional, social and enterprise development was established in 2005 to build a cohesive, integrated and entrepreneurial society, economically independent, based on knowledge, tolerance and equality of social and ethnic groups. Since organization come into being its is working with the Labour Offices and external companies organizing many training courses for unemployed and seeking employment people. Performs various types of projects from EU funds, FIO and administered by the magistrate of Warsaw, Marshal's Office, PEFRON, addressed to people in a difficult situation on the labor market, in social exclusion and social economy.

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